Intuitive Eating Program

Intuitive Eating Program


Intuitive Eating is about healing your relationship with food, making you the expert of your own body, letting it guide you, honouring your hunger and fullness cues. It may seem simple, but in a world where we are overwhelmed with conflicting and unhealthy diet rules - we lose touch with our food intuition. Vanessa helps you get it back and how to become an intuitive eater via the 10 principles of Intuitive Eating!

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Maybe you….

  • Are fed up with yo-yo dieting and fear of carbs, calories and fat

  • Feel confused by all the diet rules out there and just don’t know how to eat “right”.

  • Don’t know how to get out of the restrict binge cycle

  • Always choose low calorie foods out of fear of weight gain

  • Feel guilty after eating

  • Spend a lot of time thinking about food and criticise yourself and your body “E.g. I ate too much today, I’m going to gain weight. I’ll eat less tomorrow to make up for it”

  • Are highly self critical and judgemental towards yourself, your diet and body

  • Think you’ll be happy once you’re skinny enough

  • Start every year with a resolution to lose weight and hit the gym - but end up “failing” and giving up?

No more of that!

Let’s start the new year RIGHT

Guess what…

  • You can have a healthy relationship with food and your body

  • You can ignore diet rules, and 100% trust your self, your body and your intuition to guide your food choices

  • You can eat without shame or guilt and feel good after eating


  • Being able to stop eating when you're comfortable full and even leaving food on your plate as that extra bite would just be boring

  • Using other methods than eating to deal with your emotions

  • Having your favourite treats in the house and forgetting that they’re even there (i.e you’re not afraid of having peanut butter in the cupboard because you won’t obsess and eat the whole jar”

  • Feeling confident in your body, no matter what your dress size is

  • Knowing how to listen to your bodily cues and feel good about your food choices!

  • Having headspace to focus on what’s really important to you, such as your family, friends, hobbies and career, instead of worrying about food

If you’re ready to ditch dieting and the diet mentally, embrace a journey towards self empowerment and body positivity then this Intuitive Eating program is for you.

Vanessa will guide you through a specific and science based 10 step process which will set you on your path towards becoming an Intuitive Eater. The online coaching includes:

  • 1 initial 1.5 hour session

  • 3 x 1h Follow up sessions

  • A comprehensive workbook with personalised homework

  • Email/phone support in between sessions

Meet Vanessa


Hi! I’m a registered Nutritionist and I specialise in Intuitive Eating. I have also struggled with my diet in the past and I know how hard it can be! Luckily I found my way to recovery and I’m happy to share my knowledge, skills and expertise in order to help others do exactly the same.

I’ve worked for some of the largest companies in the world, been features in --- and I now enjoy working 1-1 with clients, building meaningful connections and long lasting positive changes.

It will be my pleasure to work with you too!

My program is normally £375 But I’m so excited to offer it now 50% off - only £185!

Sooo many people start the new year with good intentions, wanting positive changes in their lives, It breaks my heart to see people 2 months in to the new year, feeling like failures and giving up on their health. This is why I’m offering a New Year Bonus - so you can start the year right! I know you want the best for yourself and I want to help you get there.

I’m only accepting a limited amount of clients so that I can give each and single one my full attention, so sign up now before all the spots get taken.

I look forward to hearing from you!