I apply the principles of Intuitive Eating in my coaching, coupled with gentle plant based nutritional advice. I empower you to trust yourself to make food choices that make you feel the best.

Maybe you….

  • Are fed up with yo-yo dieting and fear of carbs, calories and fat

  • Feel confused by all the diet rules out there

  • Restrict all day but then end up eating everything in the fridge once you get home

  • Always choose low calorie foods out of fear of weight gain

  • Feel guilty after eating

  • Don’t know how to get out of the restriction-binge cycle

  • Spend a lot of time thinking about food and criticise yourself and your body

  • Think you’ll be happy once you’re skinny enough

  • Wish you could eat what you want and be happy with your body

  • Feel sick and tired of obsessing over food and constantly trying to lose weight

If you struggle with this, learning to become an intuitive eater will help you!


  • Stopping eating when you're comfortable full and even leaving food on your plate as that extra bite would just be boring

  • Using other methods than eating to deal with your emotions

  • Having your favourite treats in the house and forgetting that they’re even there (i.e. you’re not afraid of having peanut butter in the cupboard because you won’t obsess and eat the whole jar”

  • Feeling confident in your body, no matter what your dress size is!

  • Letting your intuition tell you how much to eat, what and when, so that you have headspace to focus on what’s really important to you, such as your family, friends, hobbies and career

  • Simply not worrying about food or your body!

Forget about juice cleansing, carb cutting and calorie counting - it's time to embrace life, including food.

If you’re ready to ditch dieting and the diet mentally, embrace a journey towards self empowerment and body positivity then my Intuitive Eating program is for you!

30 day intuitive eating program


  • Confidence about your food choices

  • Improved health and self esteem

  • The ability to end fad-dieting and cycling between restricting calories and over eating

  • A way to eat that is enjoyable, compassionate, healthy and sustainable

  • Knowledge about distinguishing between emotional and physical hunger

  • Trust that your body will tell you how much to eat

  • Guilt-free eating

  • You will learn how to become an intuitive eater!


what's included? 

Sessions are over Skype or Zoom


1 initial 1.5 hour consultation:

 Here Vanessa will provide a safe, confidential and friendly space where you get to explore the nature of your issues and establish your goals.

Following this, Vanessa will discuss with you how to move forward over the next following weeks.


3 x Follow up appointments:

In each of these sessions, Vanessa will teach you the principles of Intuitive Eating, how to apply them in your life and become an intuitive eater! She will also review your progress, address any challenges you may have and provide further guidance. 


A workbook with personalised homework: 

Yes, changes to your lifestyle and way of thinking requires a little bit of effort.

But don't worry, Vanessa will tell you what you need to do and will be available to help along the way.



24/7 email/WhatsApp support

Your investment: £375


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*Disclaimer: This program is not suitable for individuals with diagnosed eating disorders. Kindly contact your doctor if you suspect you have an eating disorder. Eating disorders must be treated by a Eating Disorder Specialist, under the guidance of your doctor. Thank you <3