Hi! I’m Vanessa and I'm a qualified Registered Nutritionist (ANutr) and Conscious Universe Coach. I teach my clients how to end restrictive dieting, emotional eating and heal their relationship with food through intuitive eating.

Intuitive eating

I have found that applying the principles of intuitive eating, coupled with scientific and reliable nutritional advice, is an extremely effective way to have a peaceful and healthy relationship with food, and I'm so passionate about sharing this message with the world. 

Learning how to get truly attuned with your own hunger and fullness cues, plus forgetting about all the nonsense diet advice in the media, can make you feel REALLY good. We're all born with an innate ability and intuition to know what and how much to eat. But, when we're bombarded with diet rules, restrictions and control, "should" and "should not's", we lose our inner intuitive eating abilities. Many of us fall into a roller coaster of dieting, restricting calories and over eating, feeling hopeless and frustrated with our diets, bodies and sense of self.

No more of that sh**! It's time to ignore the media messages and get to know our bodies again, trusting that wonderful internal mechanisms guide our food choices!


The wonders of

intuitive eating

No calorie counting or restriction of calories

An abundance of delicious and healthy food

A peaceful relationship with food

Confidence about food choices

Massive health benefits

Guilt-free eating



Before reaching where I am today, I struggled with my diet. I restricted calories and over-exercised, then binged on junk food and gave up when I "failed" the diet I was on. The cycle would repeat itself when I tried a new one. I tested all the diets out there: the low carb diet, high fat diet, low fat diet, keto diet (the list goes on) - all in the search for the most beneficial, figure friendly, enjoyable and healthy lifestyle. However, testing all of these diets took a toll on my mental and physical wellbeing. 

But, after years of education and experience, I found this amazing lifestyle of plant based intuitive eating. It works for countless of people - they and I have never felt better! 



Everyone is different and your own way of intuitive eating will be completely unique to you. What I do, is help you find what works for YOU.

Are you new to plant based intuitive eating and feel daunted or hesitant about it? Don't worry - change takes time and learning how to eat intuitively is a journey. You can be non-vegan, vegetarian, flexitarian and so on - regardless of your current eating pattern, I provide a compassionate no-judgement zone and work around your current lifestyle. It's all done at your own pace and level of comfortability. We start gently! 


want to gain the WONDERFULNESS? let me show you


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Vanessa Roster has worked for some of the largest food companies in the world, worked with clients globally and been featured in many published spaces such as: