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30 day

Intuitive Eating Program

Do you feel crazy around food? Fed up with the endless cycle of restriction and bingeing? Want to feel confident about your food choices and develop body positivity? Then this program is for you.


Vegan vitality Program

Do you want to go vegan or just eat more plants and less animal products? But you’re not sure how to do it correctly, find it difficult and you’re afraid of developing nutritional deficiencies? I will teach you the RIGHT and EASY way to go vegan.



I’m Vanessa and I’m a Registered Nutritionist (ANutr) and I specialise in:

  • Healing your relationships with food through the principles of Intuitive Eating. Want to end emotional eating and get out of the restriction - binge cycle? I can show you how.

  • Embracing vegan and plant-based diets in a safe way. A plant based diet can be healthy and enjoyable!


Fed up with yo-yo dieting, restrictions and a feeling of lack of control?

Want to feel nourished, energised and confident about your diet?

Below are FREE downloads to get you started on your journey towards becoming the boss of your own body!


3 DAY VEGAN e-book

Kick-start your compassionate health! Think it’s hard to eat vegan? Think again!

This free 3 day vegan recipe e-Book has easy, delicious and healthy meals designed by the registered Nutritionist Vanessa Roster. Eating veggies doesn’t have to be boring!



Do you feel crazy around food? Do you get anxiety around carbs, fat and calories? Are you fed up with feelings of guilt, regret and shame after eating? Do you struggle with emotional eating? Then this FREE guide is for you. It gives you actionable steps to heal your relationship with food.


Get your recipe ebook

25 Delicious, healthy and nutritious vegan recipes!

Vanessa designed this e-Book to make eating plants easy and to keep you nourished and satisfied!


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